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About me

I'm Sidharth, a computer science major with a passion for technology, particularly in Python programming. My interest in Python began with automating tasks and web development, As I delved deeper, I discovered my true passion for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I learned a lot of things about Machine Learning and AI from various books and resources online and worked on many projects related to Machine Learning. My background in computer science has provided me with a solid foundation to understand and work with these technologies. 

I think that AI is the next big thing, and may be one of the most fantastic inventions of humankind. So without wondering how these technologies really work, why not learn about them at the core?

My goal through PyCodeMates.com is to share the knowledge and experience I've gained in my journey with the community of AI and ML enthusiasts. I believe that by sharing my experience and insights, I can help others learn and grow in this exciting field. I invite you to join me on this journey and explore the world of AI and ML together."

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