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Are you interested in learning about the latest tech trends such as Python, AI & ML, and Web Development? If so, we'd love to have you contribute to PyCodeMates! 

Writing for our website not only helps thousands of eager learners, but it can also enhance your own knowledge on a specific topic. Plus, it's a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and build your portfolio. 

If you're wondering what topics you can write about, anything related to computer science and tech is fair game! From Python basics to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we're open to all sorts of ideas.

Please ensure:

  • Original Content: Ensure that your content is original and does not contain any plagiarized or copyrighted material.
  • Avoid Offensive Content: Refrain from including content that is offensive, discriminatory, or promotes hate speech.
  • Hacking or Malware: Do not write about hacking, malware, or any illegal activities.
  • Proper Citations: If you reference any external sources, provide proper citations and give credit to the original authors.
  • Accurate Information: Ensure the accuracy of the information provided and verify facts before including them in your content.
  • Dofollow and promoting links are allowed, but please don't use too much


  • Image Usage: Instead of uploading images directly, please make use of image links. You can find image hosting platforms online where you can upload your images and obtain the corresponding links. This helps ensure efficient data storage and loading times for your articles.
  • Save Your Article: Don't forget to save your article by clicking the "Save" button. This ensures that your work is stored locally and prevents any accidental loss of your content. It's always a good practice to save your progress regularly.
  • Submit for Review: Once you have completed your article and are ready for it to be reviewed, click the "Submit for Review" button. This will send your article to the reviewers. They review and post it on the website
  • Avoid Clearing Browser Cache: It is important to avoid clearing your browser cache while working on your article. Clearing the cache may result in the loss of any saved changes or data. If you need to clear your cache for other reasons, ensure that you have saved your article beforehand to prevent any unintentional data loss.

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